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We would like to invite the community to come experience the joy and wonder of Christmas with our dancing light display.  Back for another year and with the addition of more lights, our display is homemade from top to bottom.  The Olson men – dad, Chris, and son, Michael, decided that the addition of a 15 foot tree of 1600 individually addressable LED lights was needed and started planning last spring.  Over Labor Day, sister, Katy, and mom, Sandy, spent hours on ladders attaching lights with zip-ties to cables.  The tree required over 3500 zip-ties to hold the lights in place. 


This year also included some behind the scene changes to the homemade controller systems.  Michael designed and built a new controller with custom designed circuit boards to improve the speed.  Now the entire lighting system is integrated with the home network.  While the controller changes are not visible they will allow for even more changes in the future. 

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